"MEI's Flotation conferences are like family gatherings where we meet our friends from around the world."

Malibongwe Manono, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"I am grateful for the global connections made during discussions about my research at Flotation '23, enriched by invaluable feedback. Throughout this journey, meeting influential individuals like Graeme Jameson, Jim Finch and Barry Wills has added immense value."

 Ali Rezvani, University of Queensland, Australia

"A big thank you to MEI Conferences for the amazing dinner and entertainment offered at the gala event for Flotation 23. It was great to be able to get industry experts in a room over good food, great entertainment and some of the best wine Cape Town has to offer." 

Matt Lloyd, Stone Three, South Africa 

"The past 4 days have been nothing short of amazing. I had the privilege of attending Flotation '23 organised by MEI Conferences. I presented a poster of my MSc project which aims to identify conditions to improve fine particle flotation. I received so much feedback and suggestions that I will incorporate in my thesis report."

Naledi Duma, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"I learned loads [at Flotation '23], caught up with colleagues from Germany and Norway, and made lots of potential collaborators for future projects." 

Siân Parkes, University of Newcastle, Australia

"Thank you to MEI Conferences for the opportunity to present my work at Flotation '23. I have learned a lot about flotation, novel upcoming and existing technologies to optimise the process, and learned a lot more beyond the scope of my work. I have also had the opportunity to network with researchers and professionals." 

Noluthando Buthelezi, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"Flotation '23 was one of the best conferences I have ever participated in. I talked about application of AI and EAI in flotation during the conference and met most of my amazing friends and profs who are the leaders in the field. It was brilliant and quite educative like always." 

Saeed Chelgani, Director of the Swedish School of Mines, Sweden

"What an inspiring week at Flotation '23!  Many thanks to MEI for organizing this conference so well...  I foresee many fruitful collaborations arising for the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (HIF) at HZDR from the discussions we had this week"

Lucas Pereira, HZDR, Germany

"...fantastic conference [Flotation '21]. There is an amazing amount of great talks, congrats."

Adam Johnston, Transmin Metallurgical Consultants, UK

"Congratulations on a very, very well executed online Flotation '21 conference. It exceeded my expectations."

Shani Engelbrecht, Clariant Mining Solutions, South Africa

"I just wanted to let you know how amazed I am by the Flotation '21 MEI conference organization, how timing is met, how information is delivered, how well it all works together. Thank you and the team for all the effort done here, it is noticed."

Fernanda Solís M., Minera Santo Domingo, Chile

"...fantastic conference [Flotation '21]. There is an amazing amount of great talks, congrats."

Adam Johnston, Transmin Metallurgical Consultants, UK

This [Flotation '17] is my first time attending International Flotation Conference. It is really a very professional and top class event for the researchers in the field of flotation. Thank you for your elaborated work for this conference. I think I will attend every Flotation Conference in the future with my students. Also I will encourage my colleagues and peers in China to attend this world class conference.

Zhiyong Gao, Associate Professor, Vice Dean, School of Mineral Processing and Bioengineering, Central South University, China

Flotation '17 was very enjoyable in the relaxed atmosphere of the Vineyard Hotel with many opportunities for meeting friends and colleagues and also meeting other attendees for the first time. The papers on both fundamentals and applications were very valuable, and the papers on a range of existing commercial cells and on flotation devices at various stages of development were a highlight.

Bill Johnson, Mineralis, Australia

I just wanted to convey my congratulations on a job well done [Flotation '17]! From a presenter's perspective, it was a pleasure being able to provide a talk to an interested and engaged audience. From a booth exhibitor's perspective, we had a constant influx of visitors which made the long trip (and expense) over to Cape Town that much more worthwhile. Nice to have such a conference dedicated solely to flotation with a strong technical program which included plenty of networking time with old friends, new friends, colleagues, and perspective customers.

Jaisen Kohmuench, Managing Director, Eriez Australia

Many thanks for yet another outstanding Flotation Conference [Flotation '13]. It is now widely accepted that this series of Conferences are 'must attend' events for both flotation researchers and practitioners. The great value of attending the Conference is that it provides an excellent forum for an exchange of views among those doing more fundamental research and those from industry who are able to share their successes and challenges with the audience. This is why the Conference makes such a valuable contribution to the practice of flotation which, as you reminded us in your opening address, is one of the most important of all industrial processes! I look forward to attending Flotation'15!

Cyril O'Connor, IMPC Chairman

I would just like to thank you for all the arrangements with regards to the Flotation Conference [Flotation '17] this year. I don’t think people realise how much effort goes into arranging such a big event. It was my first time attending and I was absolutely blown away. Every single aspect was top class!
It is refreshing to see such a collaborative effort in aligning the focus for academic research with applications in the industry. I believe this conference will go a long way in bridging the gap between the academics and the industry.

Brian Whitehead, Booysendal Platinum, South Africa

I would highly recommend flotation conferences as they are great networking opportunities especially for young researchers who are involved in flotation. I first attended the flotation conference in 2011, this was an excellent networking opportunity for me as I managed to visit UCT where I am now doing my PhD. Flotation 13 was also a wonderful experience for me especially as I received the privilege of presenting at the conference and being awarded the 'Outotec Recognizes Young Talent' prize.

Mehdi Safari, Centre for Mineral Research, UCT, South Africa

I thought that Flotation '13 was the best MEI flotation conference ever. It was a great mix of "academic" and "practical" (i.e. about practice) papers. The posters were particularly good, and contained lots of the new ideas.

JP Franzidis, UCT, South Africa

Flotation '13 was a great conference, one of the best that I ever attended. Despite the large number of participants, the features of friendly atmosphere and interaction among participants were preserved. There was a perfect balance between fundamentals and applications.
The keynote lectures were excellent and very good papers were presented and discussed. Helpful people in the stands of the exhibit provided useful information to the participants.

Antonio Peres, UFMG, Brazil

Thanks for an excellent conference [Flotation '13] which I would recommend to anyone involved in mineral processing.

Holger Hambloch, Idwala Carbonates , KZn, South Africa

The MEI Flotation Conference is the Davos of the flotation industry. Whereas world leaders go to Switzerland, our customers come to Cape Town. For a small business, based in South Africa, this marketing opportunity is like platinum dust.

Nick Sessions, eDart, South Africa

This is just a short note to congratulate you and all others involved in the organisation of the excellent Flotation '11 Conference held in Cape Town in November. In my view it was the best specialist Flotation conference I have ever attended. The papers were universally of a high standard and the solid attendance and intensive participation of the large audience from the first to the very last session was testimony to this. This biennial event is now firmly established as a 'must attend' for anyone actively involved in flotation research or practice!

Cyril O'Connor, Chair: International Mineral Processing Conference

I would say that the programme [at Flotation '11] has upheld its well-deserved international reputation as the leading flotation conference.

Norman Lotter, Consultant Metallurgist, Xstrata Process Support, Canada

Thank you very much for your wonderful conference [Flotation '11], it was so much fun catching up with so many colleagues that I haven't seen for years! It just gets better and better. Such beautiful weather for us too. It was great to see you all and have you take us to such a fabulous dinner!

Gaynor Yorath, University of Cape Town, South Africa

An excellent Flotation '11 conference. Great papers, great venue, great people, and everything ran like clockwork. Thank you! I sincerely hope I will be back for Flotation '13.

Ian Townsend, Outotec

Many thanks for a great conference [Flotation '11], well organised with quality papers. I get the feeling the conference and venue is becoming known not only for good papers but also (and of equal importance) as a very conducive networking site.

Martyn Hay, Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa

First and foremost, congratulations for a well organised conference [Flotation '11]. As a Sales man and consultant, I found a number of presentations/topics very helpful in my day to day work. I will be making a follow up on those technological advancements to try and make the Mining Industry in Zambia to benefit.

Peter Chisanga, Blue Cube Systems, South Africa

It [Flotation '11] was my first international conference. It was excellent, bringing all the big names whom I thought existed only in print. Definitely looking forward to the next in the series.

Tsepang Khonthu, Uni. of Cape Town, South Africa

It was a great conference [Flotation 09] for a PhD student like myself: as there were no parallel sessions I could see all of the presentations; I learned lots more about the Flotation industry, and it was a great opportunity for my first academic presentation!

Kathryn Cole, Imperial College, UK

The MEI Flotation conferences now seem to have a firm foothold in the international calendar and the variety of papers [at Flotation '09] was just as good as in 2007.

Martyn Hay, Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa

Congratulations on Flotation '07. It was an excellent meeting.

Graeme Jameson, University of Newcastle, Australia

This conference [Flotation '07] will go down in the history of flotation as a point of reference when flotation turned a new page and moved on to its next level of knowledge and best practice.

Norman Lotter, Xstrata Process Technology, Canada

Flotation '07 at Cape Town was my first MEI conference. I really enjoyed it and benefited to a great extent. The most important thing I liked was that there were no parallel sessions. So one could attend all the presentations without running from room to room. I appreciate and admire the way the conference was organized.

Ramanathan Natarajan, Lakehead University, Canada

It was in my view the best MEI Conference [Flotation '07] I've ever attended. The papers were excellent throughout.

Cyril O’Connor, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Presenting my flotation simulation program (SUPASIM) at Flotation '03 initiated a lot of interest. Up to that point all my clients were within South Africa. As a result of my presentation, four plant analysis projects were obtained with clients outside of South Africa. This just shows the value of your conferences.

Martyn Hay, Eurus Mineral Consultants, South Africa

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